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Minutes of LCC meeting - 4 October 2022

1.Present: Kerry MacKendrick (KMac), Kerr Bryson (KB), Liz Walker (LW), Paddy Douglas Early (PDE), Karen Malcolm (KM), Dick Graham (DG), Duncan Adam (DA), Ross Anderson (RA), Arthur Donnachie (ADon), Cllrs Doig, Gilmour, and Rodden (AD, CG, ER).

Apologies: Shona Finnie, Cllr Graham.

(Jeanette Cannon, resigned).

PDE in the Chair subsequent to his election prior to the general meeting.

Police report held pending November meeting.


2.Minute of meeting of September, 2022:

SB required amendments to the draft as agreed by the meeting.

  • 3.Minutes August: delete last sentence

  • Caravan use – enforcement of conditions: no role to write re. enforcement.

CG reported at this point the decision to perform a “skid test” at the accident blackspot at the “Hole” Bridge on the KIlbirnie Road (accident blackspot).

As amended, minute moved by KB, seconded ADon.


3.Secretary report: SB reported updates regarding the imminent first meeting with LCDT. DG concerned about the fact that Chair resigned linked to this matter. Consensus that we regret the previous tensions, but establish as best we can meaningful relationship given our joint requirements. SB will write to ER to convene meeting after Martin Mansell has written to call for the same.

SB intervened in repair work at Bridgend to ensure safety of fish spawning sites. Contractors were professional and complied with safeguard requests. General issue of traffic and bridge damage best addressed by letter to Gerry Hannah for mitigation strategy, per CG.

ADon. raised wider issues of traffic management, a constant LCC matter, for child safety around the cross. KB suggested traffic camera had not worked. Wardens will be approached to increase interventions/monitoring by CG..

SB has former Paisley FM Ofgen form to complete in search for funded booster antenna for local coverage.


4.Treasurer Report: pending first report next month by new office bearer DG..

5.Councillor Reports:

AD : seeking update from church commissioners on Parish Church and site. Has had “shops and amenities” sign installed at Lochlip area. His motion passed at full council about grass cuttings.

ADon raised issue of parking at the school in relation to ice cream van. ER confirmed routes have to be specified to authority.

(AD had to leave early due to family illness).


ER: spoke to flooding issue and Kmac wanted discussion over the impact in the village indicated by SEPA report. Had dealt with the lack of cooker and fridge at the problem-ridden post renovation McKillop Hall. Made offer in the case of childminder issues to deal with emerging problems. Dealt with cemetery matters.


CG: had dealt with accident blackspot at “Hole”, cemetery matters, attended Dementia Group meeting, after school care too.

Note: so many issues contingent to modernisation of McKillop that Councillors are team working and sharing tasks rather than duplicating effort. RA reported on major issue at recent gig of sound equipment.


6.a. Burnfoot Road update:(LCC agreed SB’s expediting of this item due to the public attendance and LCC primacy that this be dealt with despite 9pm slot).

KMac reported to the changed pattern of 134 units , previously 122, inclusive of additional “affordable “ units. Key issue, is it amended application, or new application with attendant definition of acceptability of further lobby/submission. CG emailed head of planning.

Charlotte, public attendee, was concerned about the flooding consequences of the development on her dwelling immediately adjacent. Embankment formation, as at the Struthers site, could be problematic in this regard.

b. RA reported that he had written to RSPB regarding their lack of input to the Service Station proposals at the Roadhead area.


Chair closed the meeting at the later time of 9.16pm.

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