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Lochwinnoch Park Renovation


Following last autumn’s consultation, during which over 200 villagers contributed to a survey letting us know how you’d like to improve our local park facilities, a team lead by Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust have been busy putting together plans and applying for funding. 


We are hoping to:


  • Establish an accessible seating/picnic area and meeting point for all ages to use in the grassy space by the basketball court; the lack of seating in the park means that it isn’t being used to its full potential. 

  • Completely upgrade the playpark; the flooring is old, broken and dangerous and a number of the play items are rusting and fraying; we also hope to put a new fence in that encompasses all play equipment, with more gates. 

  • Put in a dedicated pod shelter for local teenagers; this will contain a Bluetooth speaker for music (fixed at an appropriate volume) which will be powered by the young people themselves using pedals within the shelter. We’re also looking into solar-powered USB charging points

  • Increase and improve the number of bins and recycling bins in the space. 


Overall we have estimated that this project will cost around £200,000. We have £50,000 ring-fenced for us with the Renfrewshire Council Green Spaces fund, but this is dependent on a successful application, in which we have to demonstrate match-funding and community involvement / fundraising.

Useful Documents (pdf reader required)

Lochwinnoch Park Renovation Presentation

Park Layout


This is where you come in! Why not have fun, get fit, and help raise funds for the major renovation Lochwinnoch’s local park so desperately needs?


Throughout the whole of April, we’d like to challenge local residents of all ages to use the park for a number of sponsored activities. You can compete as an individual or form teams of up to 5  – we’ll put together a team leaderboard for those who need a bit of healthy competition and the teams with the highest scores and the most funds raised will receive a small prize. 



These are some of the events you can take part in. For more information and to access registration forms please go to: 

Team Events: https://forms.gle/7ZyvXALiXYrRCgD77

Individual Events: https://forms.gle/vm4fftXkzgdJ4dZz8

  • Sponsored NOT Walk:

  • Can you do as many circuits of the playing field NOT walking, as possible? You can jump, run, hop, skip, dance, forward roll, cartwheel, but we suggest avoiding the temptation to make this a swimming event: if the river is high or there is any flooding, please find an alternative route or choose a different day. 


  • Sponsored Scoot / Cycle:

  • Can you complete the BMX track 10 times during the month of April on your bike or scooter? 


  • Sponsored Long-Distance Cycle Challenge:

  • This event is a race to cover 300km collectively. The winning Team is the first to reach this target. It can be carried out in any number of shorter routes, but we ask that each Team Member begins their first and ends their last cycle in the park.


  • Sponsored Walk / Run:

  • A race to clock up the most number of steps during the month of April. Your team members can each contribute in any number of steps from their individual runs/walks, but starting and finishing each route at our start point at the park. 

We’d also welcome contributions from local businesses: please email Kirstin Innes on kirstininneswork@gmail.com

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