September 7th 2020 minutes

Lochwinnoch Community Council; Minutes of the 7th September 2021 Meeting


1. Welcome, Attendance & Apologies

The Chair welcomed all to the first in-person meeting of the pandemic era and introduced the new office bearers. Alan also thanked past Chair Dave Mellor for all of his hard work.

Present were: Alan Bissett (Chair) Shona Finnie (Secretary) Karen Malcolm (Treasurer) Kerry McKendrick, Duncan Adam, Ross Anderson, Kerr Bryson, Dick Graham, Liz Walker, Cllr Doig, Cllr Binks, Cllr Bibby, Cllr Rodden. Apologies were received from Marian Cochrane

2. Minutes of Last Meeting. Acceptance of the minutes of the last meeting was proposed by Kerry McKendrick and seconded by Kerr Bryson.

3. Matters Arising. There were no matters arising.

4. Chair’s Report. Alan read a statement from the new Youth Club and stated that organiser Natalie Graham was present at the meeting. The need for new CC members & the requirement to have them elected at an ordinary meeting before the next AGM was discussed. It was agreed to discuss this further on email.

5. Treasurer’s Report. Karen reported that the balance in the LCC bank account is £ 4,339 and that a change of signatories on the account will now be possible as we have new office bearers.

6. Councillor’s Updates.

Cllr Bibby

Traffic issues at the school, parking congestion & safety issues have been raised and he has asked the wardens to pursue these. Concerns have also been raised re flood damage after recent bad weather and Cllr Bibby asked Renfrewshire Council about the deployment of the rapid response team & the need to identify problem gullies and to ensure that they are cleaned, especially in advance of predicted bad weather. Reported that hedge/grass cutting is 2 years behind. Lochwinnoch park is to be refurbished and the need for benches to be placed so that it can be enjoyed by older villagers as swell as the young to be raised with the Council. Also reported that Clyde Muirshiel had put themselves forward for consideration as one of the proposed new National parks.

Cllr Binks

Reiterated point about park refurbishment fund. Reported that the refurbishing of the McKillop is due to finish in November and is reportedly on schedule. Reported that the Glasgow Airport Flightpath Fund will be open for applications soon and this could be of interest to LCC.

Cllr Doig

Reported that he is looking into the licensing issues at the Mckillop. He also reported om the need for continuity with regard to the teams on the rural refuse collection routes. Cllr Doig has emailed the Church of Scotland re the future of the Parish church and the Diocese of Paisley re the site of Our Lady of Fatima. He also stated his intention to resume surgeries in October with a change of location to Lochwinnoch Bowling Club.

Cllr Rodden

It was mentioned that Renfrewshire Council are using tiles for the roof of the McKillop that are not in keeping with the conservation status of the village and Cllr Rodden said that she will look into this. Reported that she ahs asked for Lochwinnoch to be included in any future traffic survey pilot scheme. Also reported that anti social behaviour issues that had been brought to her attention have been raised with Police Scotland and they are looking into them. Cllr Rodden will see if the Scottish Government fund for rural entrepreneurs might benefit Lochwinnoch. She will also look in to funding for home owners to have energy efficient cladding.

7. Post Office Updates The Post Office in the Spar will definitely close and the Post Office are looking into providing a mobile service.


8. Traffic & Transport Issues. Upgrading and moving the path to the Roadhead have both been delayed due to funding but have been moved into next year’s budget so will get done. The path to the RSPB and that part of the road have been conformed as an issue by Police Scotland, due to speed of the traffic. Suggested to keep the 30MPH speed limit as far as the Roadhead. Cllr Doig reported that the Council passed a motion to have a crossing at the station but it is not yet done, He will push the Council on this.

Speeding is a big problem and the suggestion was made that chicanes should be installed on High Street/Main Street. Cllr Doig suggested we come up with a plan and then have public Consultation. Liz said she would be happy to lead this initiative.

Ross mentioned a £1.2 million fund for Renfrewshire Communities and suggested we should apply, Ross and Shona to look into this and a decision to have a public consultation was passed,

9. Place Making. Vote to have the Planning Group work on preparing this was passed. AB thanked the Planning Group.

10.LDP/Green Belt/Burnfoot Road. LCC have supported BAG in this and KMc reported that Scottish Government decision is expected in October but could be delayed. He also said that Stewart Milne could put their Planning Application in at the October meeting of the Planning Board. KM stated that Scottish Ministers had replied to LCC and BAG but did not appear to have considered any of our points. Vote to have the Planning Group prepare a response to the Planning Application was passed. Cllr Doig expressed the view that local voices were not being heard and feels we need to put pressure on MSPs to take this up.


11. Community Fund Update. Cllr Doig was thanked for his efforts in securing the £44k who in turn thanked Dave Mellor and the former LCC for their efforts. Council will come up with a procedure to disburse funds at the next board in October.

12. Request for benches at Calder St/New St and the Park. This will be covered in the Place Plan. KMc suggested we ask for some benches to be donated and that we get permission from the Council to site them. Suggested we ask if anyone has benches to donate and where people would like to see them be placed.

13. McKillop Renovations; Suggested that we mark the reopening of the McKillop with some kind of event

14. Any Other Business

KM. the destruction of woodland by the Kibble school despite assurances to the contrary has been noted. A vote to invite them to the next meeting to discuss was passed. SF to extend the invite

KMc. the Planning group will draft a response to SEPA and will circulate a copy to the LCC. Response is due by 31/10/21

Gala Day. Noted that Jane Owens is stepping down after many years. SF to wrote and thank her on behalf of the LCC. Susan Busby and Natalie Graham have agreed to take over organising Gala Day and were thanked by the LCC.

Flooding. Cllr Bibby proposed that we invite the Council Climate Change Officer to speak at the next meeting. Cllr Doig to find out who that is and report back.

15. Next Meeting; which will be the AGM, will be held on Monday 4th October at 7.30pm.

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