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Lochwinnoch Community Council

Minutes of meeting 7th. February 2023  (Draft)


Present: Steve Banks, Shona Finnie, Kerr Bryson, Duncan Adam, Ross Anderson, Kerry McKendrick, Dick Graham, Marion Cochrane, Liz Walker, Patrick Ramsey . Cllr Doig, Cllr Gilmour, Cllr Rodden

Apologies: Cllr Graham


Members of the public present:

Alison Davies, Lindsey Duncan, Liz Miller, Judith Hutchison, Jeff Tapping, Audrey Doig, Val Hutton, Anne Hogan, Suzanne Reid, Anne Capuano, Christopher Patterson, Angela O’Neill, Tori Bell, Mike Callaghan, Charlotte Keir, Vivienne Thomson, Jenny Bhatia, Zul Bhatia, Diarmid Harris, Ann Friend, Eric Beattie, Jane Simpson, Martin Mansell, Mary Alice Mansell, Ann Macrae, Lynne McDonald, Ken Macrae, Karen Cameron, Stewart Cameron, Dougie Wingate, Janis Low



Steve banks opened the meeting and intimated that he would be standing down as secretary and will be resigning from LCC. Apologies offered for the late publication of the agenda.


Police Report

See attached. PC O’Hanolan warned people to be aware of the danger of online/mobile phone scams. PC O’Hanolan is changing roles and was thanked for her service to Lochwinnoch.


Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were not approved as it was pointed out that some items were missing. Amendments are to be made and the revised minutes to be submitted at the next meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

No expenditure in December. In January £250 was paid to Ross Anderson to cover the cost of the planning consultant. Balance in the LCC account as of the meeting was £2 563.

Dick announced that he will be stepping down as Treasurer and that a new mandate form will need to be obtained from the bank in order to change to the new signatories.


Office Holder Changes

Steve Banks resigning as Secretary and as a member of the LCC

Dick Graham resigning as Treasurer but remaining as a member of the LCC

Arthur Donnachie has resigned as a member of the LCC

We have three new co-opted members Lindsey Duncan, Liz Miller and Judith Hutchison.

An EGM will be held before the next meeting to elect new office bearers.



Councillor’s Reports

Cllr Rodden

Intimated that Ren Council are working on budget proposals to be announced in March. The Councillor has been contacted re missed bin collection and advised that this was due to vehicle breakdown. Advice is that if a collection is missed, leave bins out – they will be collected. She has also been contacted re the play park fence and advised that Ren Council do not have the £20k required but that they are happy to support any fundraising efforts to raise the money.

Cllr Doig

Advised that the last Planning Board did not discuss the proposed development at the Roadhead by Euro Garages as the application had been withdrawn at the last minute in order that changes could be made. He also advised that the Burnfoot Rd application had yet to come up. The Councillor also advised that the Economy and Regeneration Board wish to upgrade local tourism with a focus on Castle Semple and that public meetings are planned to discuss this. Re parking issues at LWPS, council officers are looking at practical steps that can be taken to resolve the issue. Cllr Doig also mentioned LW Senior Forum and congratulated the new Chair, Ross Anderson.


Cllr Gilmour

Suggested that someone from the council should be invited to talk to the LCC about their net Zero by 2030 aims and the difference between that and their carbon footprint. Cllr Gilmour advised that Ren Council are trialling 4 vehicles that run on Hydrogen Bio Fuel which will cut down emissions by 27%.He also advised that a new system is in place re refuse collection that should avoid missed bins. Finally, it was advised that a charge would be made for the electric vehicle recharging points owned by the council.


Members of the LCC and the public raised the issues of speeding, parking and poorly marked junctions. The councillors will discuss with Traffic officers and report back.


Planning and Development Items

Kerry McKendrick reported that the LCC will be consulted on changes to the plans for the Roadhead development. 170 people so far have submitted the forms objecting to Burnfoot Road to the LCC and these are being sent to Ren Council with accompanying documents, in Kerry’s name.

Kerry also reported that there is a move to upgrade the River Calder to a protected area as salmon and kingfishers have been spotted there and this will have an impact on the proposals for Burnfoot Road.

The damage to Viewfield Clubhouse was mentioned. Cllr Rodden to look into the lease of Viewfield football ground as it is believed that the lease states that the ground should be being used by the wider community ie LWPS and that this is not happening.



Steve Banks thanked all for attending and closed the meeting.


Next Meeting: 7th March at 7.30pm in the Bowling Club


Note: ​From the UK Government Guide to Taking Minutes.

“A minute should be selective, it is not a substitute for a verbatim record and should not attempt to reproduce, however summarily, what every speaker said. It should record only the essence of the discussion, picking up the main threads which led to the conclusion. The points selected for inclusion in the minute should be recorded as briefly as possible.”

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