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Minutes of LCC meeting - 2 November 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Lochwinnoch Community Council

Minutes of General Meeting 2nd. November 2021

1. Welcome, Attendance, Apologies

Alan welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

Present: Alan Bissett, Shona Finnie, Kerr Bryson, Kerry McKendrick, Duncan Adam, Ross Anderson, Liz Walker, Dick Graham, Cllr Doig, Cllr Binks, Cllr, Bibby. Cllr Rodden.

Apologies: apologies received from Karen Malcolm

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting.

Minutes were proposed by Kerry McKendrick and seconded by Ross Anderson. K McK suggested issuing draft minutes as they cannot be official until they have been proposed and seconded.

3. Matters Arising

AB – Renfrewshire Council’s climate change officer has been invited to speak at the January meeting of the LCC instead of the December meeting, which will now be addressed by the transport officer.

4. Chair’s report

Alan thanked Dave Mellor, past Chair, for his efforts in making sure that the Community Council was able to continue through Covid. It is time to consolidate membership via an interim election to be held next month which it is hoped will bring the membership up to scratch. He stated that there were many reasons to be optimistic the LCC will be the conduit between the community and the Renfrewshire council when decisions are being made as to how to disburse the community windfall and we are continuing to fight the Burnfoot Rd development.

5. Treasurer’s report, As per the report in the AGM minutes

6. Councillor’s Updates

Cllr Binks

Re the McKillop refurbishment he reported that he had been notified of unforeseen rot, water ingress and structural issues and that the end date was now delayed until January 2022. He has written to the council re the matter of the slates but has received no response to date.

Re the A737 – stated that now no excuse for delay in upgrading the road following the UK government grant to the Scottish government. He has asked our MSPs to put pressure on the Scottish government to press for the upgrade.

Lochwinnoch Cemetery – several people have complained to ho about the dangerous state of the cemetery and the overhanging branches. Some work has been done but Liz Walker mentioned that the moss on the path still needs to be cleared.

Cattery at Newton of Belltrees. This was appealed and came back as subject to conditions.

Cllr Rodden

Noted that the deadline for the You Decide £1.2m budget is November 14th. Submissions can be made on line on the council website under You Decide. Re safety – Ross Anderson proposed railings at the Cross under the You Decide initiative.

Also noted that Police Scotland have advised that surgeries should not be held until security assessments have been completed, but that she is happy to arrange meetings for anyone who has matters to raise with her. Noted that the issue of enforcing traffic regulations in the village had been raised with her and that a plan for enforcement is required. She has asked for a consultation between LCC, residents, Council, stake holders and elected officials.

AB noted that all traffic issues will be discussed at next months’ meeting when Elaine Lorimar, the Council’s traffic officer will be present.

Re slates on the McKillop – mark Tokely advised that there were insufficient slates in good enough condition to reuse.

Liz asked why they could not have used the good ones on the front of the McKillop and the new ones on area not seen.

AB noted that we are ‘doggedly pursuing’ the matter.

Cllr Bibby

Cemetery issue was also raised with him. Stated that there was funding to upgrade cemeteries, including Lochwinnoch and he will pursue this.

Re McKillop stated that he was sceptical of the January completion date and he would try to get a definitive timescale

Post Office – reported that he has been working with the Johnstone postmaster who has been asked to provide a postal service in the village. Noted that the delay to the McKillop renovations will have a knock on effect to this project.

Kildare Road – noted that it needs emergency repairs but unsure as to when it will be done.

Disabled access to Lochwinnoch Station – All of our councillors have been lobbying Network Rail/Scotrail/MSPs/RCC re this. Noted that the Scottish Government will be taking rail into public ownership in March ’22 so the situation may change.

Re safe crossings at Church St/High St – this will be considered at the Infrastructure Board Meeting on 3 November .

Noted that a road safety policy document exists & that it outlines criteria for applications for the finite funding available and that Lochwinnoch and its needs should be priority. Liz Walker to watch the meeting online and report back. The policy document is available on the council website Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board. SF to email the doc to LCC members.

Cllr Doig

He will hold a surgery on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Lochwinnoch Bowling Club.

Noted that the Infrastructure policy development allows for Community Councils to introduce 20’s Plenty zones and suggested we think about suitable areas. Re access to the station, noted that this has been an issue since as early as 2012 and that the problem is who owns what. Nationalisation of the railways may resolve this issue and lead to headway being made. Finally, noted that RCC have agreed to foot the bill for public entertainment licences for village halls. AB thanked Cllr Doig for his efforts regarding this.

7. Post Office Update

AB is liaising with Renfrewshire Leisure re using the McKillop for a Post Office outreach service.

8. Traffic and Transport

Parking wardens will increase attendance to enforece regulations. Elaine Lorimer will meet with the LCC at the next meeting on December 7th at 6pm to discuss concerns. SF to put notices up in the pubs to invite members of the public to attend.

9. Place Making

Kerry has a copy of the Placemaking plan and proposals to give to the councillors. Stated that until LDP/SEPA has been dealt with, Placemaking can be put on hold.

10. Response to the SEPA document

Thanks to Kerry, Ross and Steve for preparing the document which was submitted.

11. McKillop Renovations

Covered in the Councillor’s reports

12 Kibble Meeting on November 6th

A site meeting will take place at 10.30am on November 6th at Forest View school to discuss objections to the activities of Kibble with regard to the woodland.

13. Community Fund Update

The money has been released and there will be a public consultation in January as to how best to use the funds. Renfrewshire Council will take our advice after the consultation and disburse finds accordingly.

14. Interim Election

This will take place 8 – 19th of November. AB expressed a hope for an influx of new members. Noted all need to be proposed and seconded by members of the community.

15. LDP/Greenbelt/Burnfoot Road

LDP has been delayed until a decision by the Court of Session has been made.

16. Any Other Business

  • Remembrance Sunday – AB will lay a wreath on behalf of the Community Council. A wreath will also be laid on behalf of the Queen by a deputy of the Lord Lieutenant to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the War in the Atlantic. K McK will try to get more local people involved.

  • Blocked drains in Braehead – Cllr Doig will pursue this.

  • Suggested Cllrs take a look at the condition of the school dyke which is in a dangerous state of repair.

  • Asked if police could attend future meetings.

  • Police report – see attached.

  • Disabled parking bays – to be discussed at the next meeting.

  • Our defibrillator will be registered on a national network.

  • AB and KM will have a Zoom meeting with Mairi Black MP and that people should email any question that they have for Ms Black to the CC on our email

  • AB noted Renfrewshire Council Scheme for Community Councils item 9:2

‘If a member fails to attend 6 consecutive meetings their Membership will be terminated.’

17. Date of Next Meeting: December 7th 2021 at 7.30pm in Lochwinnoch Bowling Club.

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1.Present: Kerry MacKendrick (KMac), Kerr Bryson (KB),Shona Finnie (SF), Liz Walker (LW), Paddy Douglas Early (PDE), Dick Graham (DG), Ross Anderson (RA), Arthur Donnachie (ADon), Cllrs Doig, Gilmour,

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