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Minutes of LCC meeting - 1 February 2022

Welcome and attendance:

Present: Alan Bissett (AB), Karen Malcolm (KM), Kerry McKendrick (KMcK), Duncan Adam (DA), Kerr Bryson (KB), Paddy Douglas-Early (PD-E), Ross Anderson (RA), Shona Finnie (SF), Richard Graham (RG), Jeannette Cannon (JC), Cllr Andy Doig, Cllr Bill Binks.

Apologies: Liz Walker, Marion Cochrane, Cllr Emma Rodden, Patrick Ramsey.

Minutes last meeting proposed KM and seconded RA.

3. Matters Arising:

Guest Speaker Pauline Moss (climate change planning) presentation delayed due to ill health. Will now attend the LCC meeting in May.

Steve Banks co-opted as member by unanimous vote.

Bench: KMcK has kindly offered to provide the bench. AB will meet with RDC representatives to discuss safe siting.

4. Chair Report:

McKillop still out of action until June at the earliest. The Annexe has been selected as substitute Polling Station for May elections.

Free bus passes: applications now open for persons <22 yrs.

£50,000 Climate Change Funding available via RDC. Applications for grants up to £3000 for community projects. Publicise on LCC FB/noticeboard and Chatterbox.

Scotgov Draft National Planning Framework 4 open for consultation.

Business Pointer Survey: seeking input.

5. Treasurer’s Report: KM

‘New’ signatories still cannot access bank accounts. General agreement that RBS is providing substandard service and that account should be moved as soon as accessible.

6. Police Report:

1 serious assault, 1 common assault, 2 antisocial behaviour and one failure to report RTA since last update.

6. Councillors updates:

ANDY DOIG: Some interest from local businesses re farmer’s market. Aware of possible negative knock-on effects i.e., traffic, parking, public conveniences. Cllr Doig will contact RDC again re state of railings outside school.

BILL BINKS: No progress re upgrading of A737. (Strategic transport review). Official notification from ScotGov that 20 MPH zones are a matter for local decision making not central government. Clyde Climate Forest Initiative: free trees for public spaces up for grabs.

Clyde Muirshield undergoing management re-structure. See later item.

7. Secretary’s position:

Patrick Ramsay has offered to take on this role for 3-month trial. Unanimous vote to approve. Steve Banks happy to assist/ assume role. JC willing to continue as minutes secretary if required.

8. Website/ Facebook / comms:

Paddy Douglas-Early will liaise with AB handover.

9. Guest Speakers: 6.30 pm before LCC meetings

Mark McMillan: Kibble March 2022

Elaine Lorrimer: Transport Apr 2022

Pauline Moss: Climate Change Planning. May 2022

10. Community Fund Update (£40,000)

Feedback thus far is that guidelines for applications seem a bit restrictive. Aim to encourage all sorts of applications up to deadline march 20th. Some anxiety that LCC members could be accused of lack of impartiality. Decision to wait and see what applications are made and formulate a process thereafter. There is no particular time pressure after applications are received.

11. Traffic/Transport:

LW provided topics for discussion. LCC would like a report finalised to provide to Elaine Lorrimer prior to her presentation in Apr. Zoning near school is something that RDC is keen on but which is difficult to enforce. Involvement of Parent Council required. Railings at Main Street not possible outside SPAR as pavement too narrow. Rejected re-routing of traffic away from Main Street as physically difficult/height restrictions etc. AB will liaise with LW to discuss some changes.

11. LDP/Burnfoot/Greenbelt:

Planning application for Burnfoot development probably at RDC Planning Board Meeting 21st March. DA/KMcK have provided a draft letter to be sent to all members of the planning board to encourage them to refuse. RA and KM have employed planning consultant (Colin Campbell) to discuss strategy, LCC voted in favour of contributing to financing this professional input.

12. Wetland meadow:

Site visit carried out. 30 M wide strip of wetland flower meadow, access for informal walkway by river and angling access. Raised Bund will have a series of gaps to allow for flood water drainage. Consultation with local angling groups and SEPA .

13. Phone Box:

Many good ideas for use. Suggested moving box from current site (where vandalism is a problem) to new site outside McKillop or the School playground.

Cllr Doig will confirm if BT has an obligation to maintain a working public phone.

14. Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park Governance:

Undergoing management structure overhaul. Want local representation from business and local bodies. RA volunteered to be LCC rep and feed back to us.

15. AOB:

AB will ask RDC if McKillop Car Parking/charging points can be freed up whilst remaining works are completed.

Post Office van starts services later this month.

Old Chapel site on High Street: Cllr Doig will check if any active planning applications in the pipeline. Dick had suggested that the area would be good for overflow parking.

NEXT MEETING: March 1st 2022 7.30 Bowling Club

(meeting with Mark McMillan from Kibble School at 6.30pm)

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1.Present: Kerry MacKendrick (KMac), Kerr Bryson (KB),Shona Finnie (SF), Liz Walker (LW), Paddy Douglas Early (PDE), Dick Graham (DG), Ross Anderson (RA), Arthur Donnachie (ADon), Cllrs Doig, Gilmour,

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