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Minutes of LCC meeting - 1 March 2022

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Welcome, attendance & apologies:

AB welcomed Steve Banks as a new co-opted member of the CC.

Present: Alan Bissett (AB), Karen Malcolm (KM), Kerry McKendrick (KMcK), Duncan Adam (DA), Paddy Douglas-Early (PD-E), Ross Anderson (RA), Steve Banks (SB), Richard Graham (RG), Patrick Ramsey (PR), Cllr Andy Doig, Cllr Emma Rodden, Cllr Derek Bibby

Apologies: Liz Walker, Shona Finnie, Kerr Bryson, Donna Armstrong, Cllr Bill Binks, Jeannette Crawford

Absent: Marion Cochrane

Minutes last meeting

Proposed RA and seconded RG.

Matters Arising


Chair’s Report

No chair report this month

Treasurer’s Report: KM

No Treasurers report due to problem accessing the bank account as form for proposed new signatories (KM, KB & AB) deemed incomplete by RBS. Johnstone Branch have now raised an internal complaint against their Business Banking dept, but will not discuss with LCC current Treasurer, only previous Treasurer Liz Walker. No update from Liz to report. Therefore, vote taken to move bank account to a different bank, all present agreed with this.

Cllr Rodden suggested a ‘Treasurer Account’, KM to check with Committee Services at Renfrewshire Council if we can proceed with this. KM will also check with Anne McNoughton if we can now proceed with a new bank account.

Police Report

Councillors updates:

Cllr Andy Doig:

Proposed new signage at corner of Church St/Lochlip Rd to direct visitors to shops, attractions etc within the village centre. Site visit TBC, will be a conservation style.

Has raised issue of broken stank cover on Main Street, close to Keystores with RC. KM noted this was leaking raw sewage recently.

Requested War Memorial cleaned and confirmed this is to take place

Has requested signage at Bridge on Calder Street, as HGV’s getting diverted up past Primary School and over unsuitable old stone bridge

Confirmed railings outside primary school will be painted during the Easter holidays.

Cllr Emma Rodden:

RDC Budget was set on Thursday past

Advised that Marie McGurk has advised S Milne have been asked to “look again” at their planning application for the site at Burnfoot by RC planning officers.

Lack of disabled provisions in Lochwinnoch may benefit from changes which are currently going through Scottish Parliament.

Cllr Derek Bibby:

Results of pre-pandemic traffic congestion at the primary school not yet available. Site visit planned with Elaine Lorimer, date TBC. Proposed this takes place at drop off/pick up time.

Legislation around pavement parking put back to 2023

Has raised concerns with RDC director around 3 emails originating from RDC to Renfrewshire residents (one Lochwinnoch) advising to put recycling in black bin if green bin not available. Concerned this goes against RDC recycling policy.

Requested feedback at a later date from LCC of success of winter maintenance programme ie. How successful was it?

Programme for resurfacing of roads LCC to propose a priority list

Community Fund Update (£44,000)

AB confirmed closing date for applications is 20th March, and recommended mid April for a public meeting to discuss/agree outcomes for submission to CHAPPS meeting scheduled for June. PR suggested proposals be pre-circulated to CC members to allow sort of decision strategy to be formed. Cllr Rodden suggested some sort of criteria be set, using example of Local Area Partnership points system, or matchfunding where full amount request cannot be awarded.

AB confirmed we have already laid out criteria and invited suggestions around a strategy to award the funds. AB proposed that we hold a public meeting purely for discussion of the £44k. AB suggested if applications exceed £44k then the applications for the largest sums are reduced and a suggestion of alternative funding sources given. Other suggestions for basis of decision making were: point scoring (PR) & secret ballot (PD-E).

Public Meeting Proposed for Monday April 4th.

Traffic Report

AB suggested we need bullet points for discussion with Elaine Lorimer’s visit to the April CC meeting on Tuesday 5th April, and times were agreed as:

18:00 interested CC members meet at the Cross

18:30 continues as a public meeting at the Bowling Club

19:30 usual CC meeting takes place

Burnfoot Road:

Cllr Rodden advised the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) has now been read in Parliament therefore should be taken into account by RDC. Cllr Doig said an urban housing estate in CMRP land does not fit with the NPF4, and therefore although was adopted ‘in principle’ April 2021, is now more detailed.

KMcK advised he has two amendments to make to the draft letter prior to submission to the CHAPPS planning board councillors – do not expect it to be on agenda for 21st March due to NPF4 adoption, therefore the earliest CHPPS board we expect it to be tabled for would be June. Letter to be ready in May.

KMcK has summarised the National Planning Framework and is preparing a response.

Phone Box community ownership

AB advised there were many suggestions coming back via Facebook for the Phone box. Cllr Doig advised it is listed and can’t be removed, and a 90 day consultation is required prior to it’s adoption.

KM queried if this meant it could be moved but not ‘removed . DG also asked for clarification on this.

PR asked if BT have to provide a public phone. Cllr Doig confirmed they do not if it is formally adopted via this scheme.

AB suggested LCC form a subgroup to run with this. PR asked if we could find out from BT if any calls had been made in last few months. Cllr Doig will contact BT and ask them.

Litter on Church Street:

SF asked for this to be raised on behalf of a resident. AB advised new larger bins are now in place around the village which should help this issue.


Lochwinnoch Force for Nature (LFFN) Zul Bhatia from LFFN asked if, as approved by previous CC, could they operate under the umbrella of LCC so as to avoid them having to become a constituted group with a bank account etc.

AB – precedent was set with LCC holding funds for the Food Group during the pandemic

SB – regulations/codes of practice make this a tricky proposition, and that the precedent was set during an emergency (ie pandemic), which is not the case now.

PR – this is outwith our scope as a CC.

Zul advised Engage Renfrewshire (Ian Cunningham) had suggested either LFFN becomes constituted or goes under the umbrella of a group such as the CC.

AB confirmed this will need a new vote as it is a new CC, but will first check with Engage Renfrewshire and Anne McNoughton if it is viable proposition, however likely we will not have a response back by next meeting, but will be discussed again when they respond.

KM – resident enquired if CC was doing anything to for Ukraine refugees. No action was being undertaken specifically by LCC, however it was noted that there are local groups supporting this eg. Lochwinnoch Welcomes, Johnstone Dance School (Gillian White) and a benefits concert is being organised by Maggie Kinloch. There is also a collection at Beith Community Centre.

RA advised there is a Choral Concert on 24th April, at Calder Church and they are trying to pull a list together of musical people for future events. CC will share info on this on FB.


April 5th 1st 2022, 7.30pm Bowling Club, preceded by a Traffic meeting at 6pm for interested CC members at the Cross, then continuing at 6:30pm as a public meeting at the bowling club.

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1.Present: Kerry MacKendrick (KMac), Kerr Bryson (KB),Shona Finnie (SF), Liz Walker (LW), Paddy Douglas Early (PDE), Dick Graham (DG), Ross Anderson (RA), Arthur Donnachie (ADon), Cllrs Doig, Gilmour,

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