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Minutes of LCC meeting - 5 April 2022

Welcome, attendance & apologies:

Present: Alan Bissett (AB), Elizabeth Walker (LW), KerryMcKendrick (KMcK), Duncan Adam (DA),Paddy Douglas-Early (PD-E),Steve Banks (SB), Richard Graham (RG), Cllr Andy Doig,Cllr Emma Rodden,Jeannette Crawford (JC), Kerr Bryson (KB)

Apologies: Shona Finnie, Cllr Bill Binks, Cllr Derek Bibby,Patrick Ramsey (PR),Karen Malcolm (KM),Ross Anderson (RA),

Councillors Binks and Bibby will be retiring from service.Sincere thanks are expressed by LCC to both councillors for their assistance over many years.

Minutes last meeting

Proposed (KmcK) and seconded (LW).

Chair’s Report:

i) Traffic Report: see attached.

ii)Donna Armstrong retiring from CC (pressures of work). Many thanks for her contribution.

5. Treasurer’s Report:KM £5050 in bank. Ongoing issues with respect to access to funds. LW has attempted again to move signatories to new office bearers. Mandate from bank in progress ( again) with ultimate option of starting new account.

6.Police Report: Community PCs McKay and O’Hanlon. Officers are back with a presence after the COVID period.

Offences logged 1/3/22 to 5/4/22

No domestic break-ins.

One significant break-in to a container at sewage treatment works.

2 common assaults

1 antisocial behaviour incident/Breach of peace.


1 sexual assault, one communications offence

Lots of online and physical frauds at present: bogus workmen.

Community police informed of discussions with Elaine Lorimer regarding speeding through village and car accident at station.A request made for evening presence with speed gun in village to act as deterrent. PC advises traffic calming measures would be better. Study currently under way in Howood, Kilbarchan and other locations. Gateside chicane seems to work. Police advise that registration numbers of tractors speeding through village are passed to them. Police cannot act on photographic evidence of illegal parking unless witness agrees to provide statement and possible court appearance.

7. Councillors’ updates:

Cllr Andy Doig: Johnshill lights out for 10 days or more. Council did what they could but Scottish power seem to be in no particular rush to fix. AD advised Scottish Power that he would take up the issues with our local MSP and approach local press. A temporary was completed but permanent fix still awaited. Scottish Power responds to political pressure.

Bridge-end: Satnav still directing HGVs over this. Needs additional signage.

McKillop staging and lighting upgraded and will be inspected in due course. Completion date still June 2022.

Cllr Emma Rodden:Grass cutting restarted. Thursday for Lochwinnoch (should attend every 14-16 days). Roads program: Braehead resurfaced (Mansfield to Semple). Pavements at Calderpark near school need inspection. A760 Kilbirnie Rd being resurfaced between Roadhead and Netherhouse Road. 4 days of road closure so village will be cut off. HGV route diversion will be via Barrhead.

(Graham Stockton attending with Emma. He is a Kilbarchan resident and prospective councillor).

SB raised a suggestion for hustings prior to local elections: email follow up.

8. Secretary’s position: PDE has been standing in. SB offered to step up. Unanimous vote for SB to adopt position.

9. Community Fund Update (£44,000).

See separate summary detailing allocation of funds as decided at meeting 4/4/22. This will be posted on CC noticeboard. RDC will be final arbiter of decision.

LCDT is trying to match fund mural funding if possible: Local Area Partnerships (LAP) may be source of additional funding. Andy Doig will forward application form to AB?SB to disperse to other groups who may wish to try to access additional funds. AB will email RDC with LCCs recommendations for 44k fund.

10. Gala Day Funding: the group need help with operational costs. Representatives present and requested a donation. Increased costs since last Gala day are significant and difficult to meet. Unanimous vote to donate £1000 from LCC funds to gala Day.

11. Church/manse update: Andy Doig still has no response from Edinburgh. (George St). he will continue to pursue via local contacts. Site of Catholic Church in pre-planning talks with RC planning dept. Planning has been granted in principal , and once prelim talks are complete then there will be a discussion re sheltered housing.

12. Telephone Box:

Possible siting at Castle Semple or McKillop.

Decommissioning dependent on current usage.AD will ask BT about usage.

Consider a community group in terms of long term maintenance..

13. Traffic Island at station: Elaine Lorimer appears to think that island is functioning as a traffic calming structure whereas local experience shows otherwise. KB will look out a police report which showed that the island was not helpful. It appears that the camber in conjunction with the island actually contributes to accidents.

14. Burnfoot /LDP:

Kerry has sent a provisional email report to Scot Gov ( had to be submitted by 31/3/22). Minor changes to be made before printed version will be submitted within next couple of days. Final version will be sent to Tom Arthur and others on panel.

Re-briefing of new council members after local council elections. Likely that decision regarding Burnfoot will be taken at June Planning Meeting of RDC (ER affirmed that this was expected but not confirmed) .

15. AOB.

SB: Banking request from Force for nature. Cannot be under umbrella of LCC. They have been advised accordingly by the Chair.

Public member: Dead tree at McKillop. ER will ask council to remove.

Dick: zig zags. Ask Elaine Lorimer for contact to sort this out.

LW: disabled space at doctor needs repainted (elaine lorimer)

16. Pauline Moss, (RDC climate change) will be attending May meeting (6.30pm), prior to regular meeting at 7.30. SEPA report to be forwarded to her in prep for meeting. Kerry will forward in digital format to SB/AB.

Next Meeting: 03 May 2022 6.30 pm for Pauline Moss. 7.30 pm for LCC general meeting

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1.Present: Kerry MacKendrick (KMac), Kerr Bryson (KB),Shona Finnie (SF), Liz Walker (LW), Paddy Douglas Early (PDE), Dick Graham (DG), Ross Anderson (RA), Arthur Donnachie (ADon), Cllrs Doig, Gilmour,

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