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Minutes of LCC meeting - 5 July 2022

1. Welcome, attendance & apologies

Present: Elizabeth Walker (LW), Kerry McKendrick (KMcK), Duncan Adam (DA),Paddy Douglas-Early (PD-E),Steve Banks (SB), Richard Graham (RG), Jeannette Crawford (JC), Kerr Bryson (KB), Ross Anderson (RA),Cllr Chris Gilmour, Arthur Donnachie (AD) (new member), Marion Cochrane.

Apologies: Karen Malcolm, Cllr Andy Doig, Shiona Finnie, Patrick Ramsay, Cllr Gillian Graham, Cllr Emma Rodden,

Arthur Donnachie (AD) new member present tonight.

2.Chair’s Report (Ross Anderson)

Police report: SB has requested that community police attend meeting in Sept, written report acceptable. Attendance may be affected by overtime ban.

Minutes June meeting: Moved by (KB) and unanimously approved.

No news yet of proposed brokered meeting between Cllr Emma Rodden and LCDT. RG anxious that all meetings are held in public but reassured that this meeting is simply an ice breaker/pre-amble.

3. Secretary’s report:

SB is now responding to enquiries on day of receipt. SB will hold secretarial post until AGM. KM has been persuaded to stay as treasurer. As a result of reduced secretariat,SB will forward a disproportionate amount of email/info rather than cull/act on it solo. In receipt of two letters from Tori Bell (larder/LCDT), SB will send holding letter and formal response once fully discussed.

Station Rise Funds: Alasdair Morrison, head of development and economic planning is managing the processing of funds. SB advised him that LCC is not willing to handle distribution. Three groups/projects have not yet responded to AM re cash allocation.

LCDT: LEAP, LCDT, Larder appear to be fluid/information sharing. SB will respond in written format to each/any requests from above groups. New Community Development Officer in post from June.

Discussion re resignation of AB. Potential for conflict of interest at home as wife (Kirsten Innes is one of four LCDT directors).

4.Treasurer’s Report: KM absent. RA updated. New acct open with BOS. Cheque from RBS £3199.40 to BOS. This includes £228 covid donations. SB suggests donating this to The Larder as donations were given during covid forfood. Goodwill gesture. kMcK proposed, PDE seconded.

5. Police Report: No report submitted this month by community police officers. See above.

6. Councillors’ updates

Cllr Andy Doig: written submitted. Apologies for absence given.

A760 (near RSPB). Roads dept site visit completed. Have acknowledged defects in road near traffic islands. BT Openreach covers (two) require modification. The traffic island will be removed. General discussion re: Openreach manhole covers and contribution to accidents. Discussion re moving footpath to field. Vegetation to be cut back (council aware).

Stagecoach: X34 and X36 reprieved until 31 October (reduced service).

Ask for prioritising of WIFI provision in all community village halls.

Lead piping in Braehead property. Investigation under way.

Cllr Emma Rodden: apologies

Cllr Gillian Graham: will send written report

Cllr Chris Gilmour:

Local partnership meetings: Villages (£52,000 budget) and Johnson/Linwood. Both oversubscribed for bids, good quality applications. Most of budget allocated. Lochwinnoch received funding (SB has report in full). Cllr Gilmour will formulate a list of other funding sources and contact details.

Council Meeting: financial plans, spending review, real terms cuts to councils. ‘Attainment gap’ cuts £3.2 million lost to Renfrewshire as allocated elsewhere in Scotland. Probably shortfall £10million pa over next 3 years.

Jenny: Gala Day group. Discussion with Cllr CG regarding funding of summer time activities. Gala group received alternative funding from Renfrewshire council.

McKillop: snagging. 25th June councillor visit. Opens mid-August. Request to find out charges from Renfrewshire Leisure.


23rd August is date of next meeting of Climate Changeand Planning Policy Cttee ( CC&PPC).

KMcK raised three items to be heard at meeting needing our attention/input. He will attend the hybrid meeting but may not be permitted to attend in person. Discussion about suboptimal nature of remote meeting format. Items of importance are: Catholic Church site, Burnfoot Road. Catholic Church site is in conservation area therefore design implications. He will send a letter to each of the five new members and six existing members of CC&PPC (different wording to each sub group) detailing the history of the Burnfoot application and important facts emphasising three new factors that the council are aware of:Sepa Flood Risk, New Planning Act and alternate brown field sites. The letters, a specimen sheet of objections and (some other attachment) will be distributed to LCC members to read / comment and sign ( if agreeable ) before forwarding same to planning committee members.

Russel Chambers has been pursuing RDC regarding regional park status. No satisfactory response. KMcK explained that Burnfoot IS within regional park. This fact was confirmed by Tom Arthur MSP. Tom Arthur has stated that he is supportive of the park and recognised that only limited construction is permitted therein (farming/tourism/diversification). Cllr Gilmour expressed surprise that there was any potential for debate about this matter.

8. Villages council funding: Arts festival fundingis fundamentally secured.

9. Social media posts: complaints from LCDT/Larder of online bullying. KM found no evidence of personal attacks online. No Code of conduct breach. Critical comments are a valid personal matter and should be confirmed as such in online comments. MC intimated that she has been information finding online and was invited to visit the larder to discuss. LW suggested that food is being uplifted from Kilbirnie supermarkets and potentially diverted away from foodbanks. Jane (gala lady) explained that The Larder originated during Covid as a source of food for people with limited transport options/finances and post covid to be food bank. It has taken on role of means of reducing food waste. PDE suggests that use by the general public is intentional to increase footfall and reduce stigma.

KB queried the relevance of larder issues to CC business. KMcK collects surplus food/ items and is overlap between foodbank and waste reduction. Suggestion from public to ask larder for open day/information day.

10. Roadhead Bus:

Express buses (as above). Janiss Low looking for letter from LCC to support. SB will draft letter on behalf of LCC. Garnock valley CC have been active, service to be continued, peak hours, subsidised from July .

11. AOCB:

Dick Graham: suggested that we invite speakers eg. New Community Development Officer, Chair of Planning.

KMcK: suggests flood officer from Council

RA: suggests LCC seek funding for projects.

Next Meeting: September 6th. Chair Patrick Ramsay

No August meeting. May be requirement for an emergency meeting if Burnfoot issues arise.

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1.Present: Kerry MacKendrick (KMac), Kerr Bryson (KB),Shona Finnie (SF), Liz Walker (LW), Paddy Douglas Early (PDE), Dick Graham (DG), Ross Anderson (RA), Arthur Donnachie (ADon), Cllrs Doig, Gilmour,

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