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Minutes of LCC meeting - 6 September 2022

Present: Patrick Ramsey (Chair), Steve Banks (Secretary), Karen Malcolm (Treasurer), Kerry McKendrick, Shona Finnie, Kerr Bryson, Marian Cochrane, Ross Anderson, Dick Graham,Liz Walker, Cllr Doig, Cllr Gilmour, Cllr Graham.


1.Welcome ,apologies and appointment of the Chair for the meeting

Patrick Ramsey was appointed Chair for the meeting and he welcomed all to the meeting on behalf of the CC.Apologies were received from Duncan Adam and Jeanette Cannon

2.Police Report

The community police officer, Eilidh, was in attendance and gave the statistics for the last few months. The officer was keen to make people aware of an upsurge in Whatsapp fraud and said that any suspect messages asking for money should be reported to the police. Similarly any anti social behaviour, groups of teenagers congregating, particularly behind the library, and anyone with concerns re the safety of wildlife should contact Eilidh. Reports should be made either by calling 101, Crimestoppers or by emailing

The question was asked as to how many accidents have been happening at the Hole on the A760 and it was suggested that the best way to find this out would be to make a FOI request. This would reveal number of accidents but not the causes.

3. Minutes from the last meeting

Cllr Gilmour pointed out a couple of changes to the minutes of the last meeting that will have to be made. The first is that he did not second the minutes at the last meeting and the second is that the work on the park will now begin mid to late September.

4. Co Option of Arthur Donnachie

Steve Banks nominated Arthur Donnachie and Karen Malcolm seconded the motion and Mr Donnachie was duly co-opted as a member of the Lochwinnoch Community Council.

5a Treasurer and Secretary’s Reports

Treasurer –Balance in the account is as it was in July - £3 199. There are payments pending to the Bowling Clubof £120, Lady Haig Fund of £38.40 and a donation to the larder of £228 which will make a projected balance of £2 813. Karen reported that, currently, the only income for the LCC is the £700 administration fee received from Renfrewshire Council. We also now have a new bank account with the Bank of Scotland. It was also noted that the community should be made aware that the disbursement of the £44k Station Rise fund will be done by the Renfrewshire Council and not by the LCC. The acconts have been prepared for the AGM and Connie Ford has again kindly agreed to sign them off. Karen announced that she will step down as Treasurer at the AGM. Dick and Cllr Doig thanked Karen for her great contribution and Patrick thanked her on behalf of the LCC

Secretary –Steve thanked Karen for her contribution in getting the LCC back in track and for her hard work. His focus is towards the AGM and he s happy to remain in post as Secretary.

5b. Councillor’s Reports

Cllr Doig: reported on the new Forum established for Clyde Muirsheil Regional Park, consisting of representatives from the business community, RCC, LCC and some other bodies. K McK expressed concern that more bodies are not represented. Cllr Doig to forward information to K McK. Cllr Doig also expressed hope that the council would work together to obtain funding for more energy advisors to help with the cost of living crisis. .

Cllr Gilmour:said that the councillors have all received many complaints about the McKillop and that they are all working together to resolve the various issues. They will arrange a meeting between the various groups and Renfrewshire Leisure to see what can be done. He has also received lots of communication regarding the proposed service station at the Roadhead.

Cllr Graham: Has also received lots of communication re the McKillop, the Roadhead and the cemetery. In order to avoid duplication, constituents wishing to communicate on these matters should email either one councillor only or a joint email to all four.

KB asked the Councillors if Renfrewshire Council would continue to provide EV charging for free and Cllr Gilmour said that that should remain the same for the time being. RA pointed out that the public WC in the Library is out of order and requested that the matter be looked into.

6. Planning and Development Issues

a) Caravan Use: enforcement of conditions etc – ref D Wingate.

Mr Dougie Wingate gave a very interesting analysis of the situation regarding the illegal positioning of a residential caravan on land within the CMRP. The council have issued an enforcement order but have so far not acted upon it, which is in breach of the law. The application of this order has a direct effect on the planning application at Burnfoot Road, as the enforcement order proves that no development is allowed on CMRP land other than for agriculture and forestry. LW also mentioned that objections to developments in the Linthills are also being ignored by the council. The LCC agreed to write to the Planning Officer’s, (David Love) superior, Cllr Jim Patterson, Convener of Planning to ask why this enforcement order has not been acted upon and with a summary of what Mr Wingate reported to the LCC.

SB proposed we move directly to the Service Station proposal, seconded by SF.

b) Service Station Update after the public Meeting

K McK has prepared an objection letter which LCC members were invited to sign in order to represent the LCC and the community in general. Cllr Gilmour reminded us of the importance of submitting individual letters in addition to the collective one.

7. Assistance to Paisley FM in application for booster ariel

This is a not for profit radio station and they have requested that the LCC write a letter to IFGEM in support of the erection of an ariel at the annexe. SB moved to support the request and AD seconded the motion.

We then ran out of time and other business will be delayed until the next meeting , which will be the AGM on October 4th.

Before ending, SB pointed out that the LCDT were now willing to meet with the LCC. A meeting was to be facilitated by Cllr Rodden but, as she was not present, no update was available.

It was also suggested that we should have a speaker at the AGM, possibly the Development Officer from LEAP.

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1.Present: Kerry MacKendrick (KMac), Kerr Bryson (KB),Shona Finnie (SF), Liz Walker (LW), Paddy Douglas Early (PDE), Dick Graham (DG), Ross Anderson (RA), Arthur Donnachie (ADon), Cllrs Doig, Gilmour,

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