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Minutes of special LCC meeting - 9 August 2022

CC members present:

Steve Banks (secretary, chair for this evening), Karen Malcolm (Treasurer), Kerry McKenrick, Ross Anderson, Dick Graham, Duncan Adam, Kerr Bryson, Cllr Andy Doig, Cllr Chris Gilmour

Apologies: Patrick, Shona, Paddy, Jeanette, Liz, Marion, Cllr Emma Rodden, Cllr Gillian Graham

Members of the public present (21):

Doreen Hutton, Colin Hutton, Arthur Donachie, Fiona Young, David Fowles, Clare Gibbons, Diane McIroy, Robert McIlroy, Margaret Brine, Suzanne Pryde, Steward Cameron, Sheila McCosh, Rachel Robertson, Keith Robertson, Graeme Skelton, Alex Ward, Sheila Ward, David Hughes, Ciaran Camplisson, Donna Hood

Intro from Kerry McKendrick:

  • Proposed development does not comply with LDP as within Greenbelt, but special consideration will be given due to EV charging points

  • Auchenhain a bad access point, already difficult to access the A737

  • Retail area of 500m2 is too big

  • A pedestrian crossing is required between the bus stops, any development should incorporate this

Cllr Andy Doig:

  • Cannot express an opinion on the application as may de-bar him from voting on this application at the planning board

  • Application has been ‘called in’ ie will no longer be decide by planning officers but will be put to the planning board.

  • He requested the deadline be extended due to holidays and short notice, deadline has been moved from 24th August to 7th September 2022.

Cllr Chris Gilmour:

  • Also cannot express an opinion as he too is on the planning board.

  • If rejected at planning board, will then go to the full council and if rejected can be appealed at Scot Govt

Public Comments

Colin Hutton (resident close to Roadhead)

  • Concerned about impact on water supply, which is supplied via a borehole, not mains.

  • Have RSPB been consulted?

  • Concerns around proposed access onto A737, very difficult with currently volumes of traffic

  • Issues around wildlife, eg, deer, nesting buzzards nearby, also within Semple Trail

  • How will employees commute to new development with no future bus service

  • Litter is currently an issue and will get worse

  • Wrong location – there is already a site at the airport

Stuart Cameron

  • Proposed electric charging points are not rapid, ie. Less environmental impact

  • Concerns of affect on wildlife

  • Potential for contamination of soil from fuel

  • Beith residents will be affected by construction disruption

Rachel Robertson

  • Queried ownership of field. Kerry – usual practice is for an option however confirmed that land does not have to be owned by the planning applicant.

Graeme Skelton

  • Concerns the electric charging is not the main priority of the applicant, but the development of a retail park

  • The holding company Eurogarages already own such a site in Paisley which is not on greenbelt, this could be developed instead

Keith Robertson

  • Eurogarages have a retail park at Lomond Gate with a Greggs, Starbucks, Costa, Brewers Fayre – concerns the propose development will grow into this

  • Possibly potential for future housing and further development

Duncan Adams (cc member)

  • Queried if the site is within Clyde Murshiel Regional Park land

  • If so, no development which is not related to park activities can be permitted

  • Davy Hughes (Newton of Belltrees resident)

  • Only safe exit from N of Belltrees is via Auchengrange Hill, can currently take 5-10 mins to access roundabout.

Ross Anderson (cc member)

  • Main issue is that it is Greenbelt and we should protect this

  • Impact of the lighting will be huge and permanent

  • It is a commercial development in the wrong place

Diane McIlroy (resident close to Roadhead)

  • 3 residential properties at the roundabout, all have been landscaped within greenbelt guidelines

  • They have had issues with existing lighting at the roundabout shining into windows, only resolved after contact local MSP

  • Increased lighting and noise pollution is a major concern and will affect quality of life of residents there

  • They regularly have to clean up after lorries churn up the dirt and leave a mess

Dick Graham (cc member)

  • Proposal is environmentally flawed – will be biggest user of energy in the area and will have a huge impact on Renfrewshire Coucils net zero carbon emission target

  • Better to have charging points in Lochwinnoch instead to bring trade into the village for local shops and businesses

Ciaran Camplisson (civil engineer)

  • Pro certain elements of the proposal, eg. Electrical charging points

  • Many questions arising from the reports included in the application in relation to sewage treatment, effect on water sources, road crossing issues and so on

Steve Banks – Chair

Put to the meeting who was against the proposal and was anyone for it. No-one present voiced their full support for the application, and most people present indicated they would be submitting an objection.

Decision therefore was that although representation at the meeting was likely to be skewed towards those who object to the proposals, the amount of comments and communications around this would suggest the CC should oppose the development on behalf of the community and submit and objection to the development in full, a main reason for this being it’s location on greenbelt land.

Other points

  • 30 objections already in, but there is no max threshold which triggers a rejection of the application

  • Emailing objections in possible better option with 5 or 6 main points linked to Local Development Plan policy

  • A737 is a road with a high amount of accidents, this could be relevant

  • Water voles are present in the burn near to the Roadhead Roundabout

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