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News - Burnfoot application, Council Planning Board and LCC meeting on 1 November - October 2022

Lochwinnoch Community Council (LCC), particularly its planning group, have worked to oppose the Stewart Milne housing development at Burnfoot since its inception. It has been a standing item on the agenda of every LCC meeting since the application was lodged.

Soon, as part of our opposition to the proposed development, LCC members will hand over to Renfrewshire Council a two page letter, which summarises our extensive research and materials related to Burnfoot. This letter contains four central questions posed to Councillors that we demand are answered before the final decision on the application is made.

Recently we have worked to ensure that the final decision on the Burnfoot site application is made by Councillors at the Planning and Climate Change Board, rather than simply by officers which was a possibility.

The next meeting of the Planning and Climate Change Policy Board takes place on 1 November and it was suggested that Burnfoot might be on the agenda – however, this is not the case. The next opportunity for Burnfoot to be discussed at the Planning Board is 24 January 2023, but we will only know for sure closer to the time. If/when Burnfoot is discussed at the Planning Board, LCC members will attend to lobby in opposition to the development.

In the meantime, individual responses from residents to the Burnfoot development can be made via Renfrewshire Council's online planning portal ( or by emailing, citing the application number 19/0766/PP. Previously the deadline was 1 November, however we have been informed by Councillors that this deadline has been extended.

To make sure an objection is valid, names and addresses must be supplied, as well as a 'material consideration' – examples include: · Traffic, parking and access problems · Effect on the setting of a Listed Building or character of a Conservation Area · Loss of trees or landscaping issues · Risk of flooding

Further information on 'material considerations' is available on Renfrewshire Council's website:

The large amount of detailed submissions from LCC and residents will constitute a powerful case for either a moratorium or rejection of the Burnfoot application.

Please note that Councillors can receive representations but are legally unable to comment because of their role in determining the application.

The next meeting of the LCC is on Tuesday 1 November at Lochwinnoch Bowling Club, 19:30-21:00. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Agenda: 1 Apologies 2 Minutes of October meeting – revisions/ amendments 3 Police Report : written 4 Financial Report, Secretary Report (written) 5 Councillor’s Reports 6 Sound equipment “dispute” 7 LCDT meeting 8 Planning items : Burnfoot, Chapel Site, Stables/caravan, Service station. 9 Road safety issues 10 Winter pre-meeting talks: options include SEPA, Planning Dept., LCDT, Net Zero RC authors etc.. 11 AOCB 12 Next meeting: 6 December, 2022

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