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News - LCC's decision on £44k fund applications - April 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

On Monday 4 April, Lochwinnoch Community Council (LCC) held a special public meeting to deliberate and decide on the applications to the Ogilvie Homes/Station Rise £44,000 fund.

The total amount requested from all applicants was £69,100, which meant that unfortunately we were not able to recommend funding for all applicants. In some cases applications did not meet our stated criteria, particularly that the funding should be for capital expenditure rather than operational.

Our aim was to fund as many organisations as possible. This has resulted in most applicants receiving a portion of their original request. Some applicants applied in the knowledge that additional funding would be required for their projects, while others requested their total costs.

LCC does not have access to the £44k fund and will not transfer awards to the successful applicants. We will pass on our recommendations for financial support to Renfrewshire Council who will hopefully agree with our decisions, though they will be unable to take any actions on funding until after the local elections on 5 May.

The full list of successful applications, including lead organisation, brief details of the project and financial award, is below:

- Lochwinnoch Primary School Parent Council

Art boards for playground: £108

P1/2 outdoor chalk boards: £132

Decathlon sports equipment: £350

P1/2 outdoor storage facilities: £719

Embankment slide: £3680

Waterproofs school set: £1361

Subtotal: £6350

- Dementia Friendly Group

Film licence purchase: £200

Coach hire: £225

Subtotal: £425

- Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust

Annexe mural: £2000

Samba band instrument purchase: £472

Defibrillators purchase and installation: £4980

Subtotal: £7452

- Lochwinnoch Youth Project

I.T. suite hardware: £687

Camping equipment: £2896

Water sports equipment: £1334

Subtotal: £4917

- Lochwinnoch Community Garden

Raised beds, containers, soil, fertiliser: £1800

Plants and seeds: £400

Subtotal: £2200

- Lochwinnoch Gala Day

Electrical generators, gazebos: £5500

- Lochwinnoch Toddlers Group

Toddlers ‘Play Palace’: £4212

- Lochwinnoch Bowling Club

Bowling green upgrades/repairs: £8000

- Community Larder/Lochwinnoch Primary School

Cooking equipment: £2000

- Lochwinnoch Arts Festival

Mobile stage lighting: £500

- Lochwinnoch Welcomes

Local guide book design/printing: £1600

- Lochwinnoch Force For Nature

Swift boxes: £844

On Tuesday 5 April, LCC held its monthly meeting which was attended by Elaine Lorimer, Supervisory Transportation Officer at Renfrewshire Council, who answered questions on local traffic and transport issues.

The next LCC meeting will take place at 19:30 on Tuesday 3 May at Lochwinnoch Bowling Club. It will be preceded at 18:30 by a meeting with Pauline Moss (Renfrewshire Council) to discuss climate change and environmental issues affecting the village. Members of the public are invited to attend both parts of the evening.

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