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News - LCC update re: proposed service station at A737 Roadhead roundabout - August 2022

On Tuesday 9 August, the Lochwinnoch Community Council (LCC) held a special meeting to discuss the proposed service station development at the A737 Roadhead roundabout. 22 members of the public attended and were unanimously opposed to the development due to a range of reasons, including building on greenbelt, increased traffic, and environmental impact.

The LCC has made a formal objection to the application on behalf of the village. However, individual responses to the proposed service station development (either for or against) can be made until the extended deadline of 7 September.

Responses can be made via Renfrewshire Council's online planning portal ( or via emailing, citing the application number 22/0471/PP.

Valid names and addresses must be supplied; if objecting, a 'material consideration' must be included (e.g. 'Contrary to the Development Plan' - further information on 'material considerations' is available on Renfrewshire Council's website:

The LCC has not had a permanent Chair since the resignation of Alan Bissett in June and LCC members have been taking turns as Chair on a rotating basis. However, executive positions including Chair will be confirmed at the LCC AGM in October. If anybody is interested in joining the LCC or finding out more about how we operate, please contact lochwinnochvillagecouncil AT gmail DOT com or visit

The next LCC meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Tuesday 6 September at Lochwinnoch Bowling Club. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

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