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News - Note of 1 November LCC meeting | Burnfoot Road planning application

Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday's November meeting of the LCC. 25 residents attended in total - many expressed their opposition to the planned housing development at Burnfoot Road and frustration with the way in which the process has been handled by Renfrewshire Council. Minutes of the meeting will be published ASAP.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of LCC members, attendees and even Councillors, we were unable to ascertain during the meeting when exactly the application will be heard by the Planning and Climate Change Board, what the deadline for objections is, and even whether it should be considered as a new application due to the modifications of the design submitted in late September. However, please note that the previously suggested deadline of 1 November no longer applies and as far as we know the applicant remains live i.e. objections can still be submitted.

Despite this lack of knowledge of future deadlines, LCC took direction from attendees to immediately undertake a campaign of letter-writing, similar to that which was arranged in 2020 to oppose the Local Development Plan (LDP) that rezoned the Burnfoot Road site. Making use of existing good examples, we will provide a template letter containing valid 'material objections' that residents can simply add their name and address to.

Please note that this letter is separate from those opposing the LDP i.e. if you wrote a letter opposing the LDP, you can still take part in this campaign to oppose the planning application.

If you have already submitted letters, emails or online portal comments opposing the Burnfoot Road application, you can still take part in this campaign (or submit other objections) as long as the reasons for objections are different - it would in effect count as an additional objection.

We will share the example letter and where they are distributed/collected as soon as the details are confirmed.

We were also directed by attendees to contact media outlets to raise pressure over the Burnfoot Road application, which we will undertake and keep residents updated about.

We requested Councillors to find out key deadlines of the application as a matter of urgency, which they promised to do. As soon as we find out more, we will let you know.

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