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Lochwinnoch Community Projects - 2020 / 2021

2020 saw a surge in local grassroots activity which has delivered some worthy projects, and continues to do good work across our village. Here follows an overview of what happened in 2020, and an outline of what is planned for 2021. If anyone would like to get involved in any community work, these groups would love to hear from you.

During 2020 many of the below groups were awarded funding from various sources. In the main, funding was received from National Lottery Awards for All and the Supporting Communities Fund awarded to us via Linstone Housing Association. This money was used to make improvements to community life and support many of us, including the most vulnerable within our village. We would like to collectively thank these funders for their contributions to our community.

On behalf of these groups we also thank Lochwinnoch Community Council for their funding contributions, and for their assistance in fostering funds for The Food Committee. Likewise Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust have acted as an umbrella, applying for funding on behalf of the other groups from National Lottery and we thank them for inclusion.

We also thank the Lochwinnoch Chatterbox for their contribution to Diggin’ It and for assistance with printing. Further thanks go to Linthills Ltd which donated to many of these projects with private funds.

A number of village members also contributed funds to these projects, so thanks to them as well..

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