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(A big thanks to Tori Bell of 'Diggin it Lochwinnoch' for providing this


Food and Basics


- Lochwinnoch Community Larder; Free Food Parcels,

- Lochwinnoch Cares; Support with Delivering Food and Medicine,

- Renfrewshire Food Bank;, 07563 814 083 / 07999 607 173 / 0300 102 2500

- Neighbourhood Hubs; Dog Walking, Delivering Food and Medicine, Digital Support, Posting Letters,

- Friends For All; Supporting Ethnic Minority Households,




- Home Energy Scotland;, 0800 092 9002

- Renfrew Hub; Supporting Households With PRe-Payment Meters With Contacting Your Energy Provider,,




- Adviceworks; Free Money, Debt Advice, Assistance With Benefit Claims, 0300 300 1238,




- Renfrewshire Council Homelessness Services; 0141 618 7200,

- Shelter Scotland; 0808 800 444

- Turning Point Scotland; Supporting Ex-Offenders Seeking Housing Or General Support,


Mental Health and Wellbeing


- Pandas Org; Supporting Pregnant and New Parents,

- Parentline Scotland; Advice and Support For All Parents, 0800 028 2233

- Young Minds,

- Papyrus Hopeline UK; Supporting Under 35s With Suicidal Thoughts, 0800 068 4141, Text: 07860039967pat@papyrus-uk.org

- Samaritans; Supporting Adults,

- Breathing Space; Supporting Adults,, 0800 838587

- LGBT Helpline Scotland; Supporting Members of the LGBT Community, 0300 123 2523

- SFAD; Supporting Families Dealing With Addiction, 08080101011,


Isolation and Loneliness


- ROAR; Supporting Older Adults, 0141 889 7481, info@roarforlife.org

- Star Project; Telephone Befriending Service, 0141 889 5850 or 07557876455

- Paisley FM; Broadcasts information of their activities;

- Age Scotland; 0800 1244222




- Ability Net;, 0800 048 7642,


Activities for Young People 


- Create Paisley; Text to 07786 200075 or email


- Jones Are Us; Supporting Young People with Disabilities,


Employability Scotland


- Fair Start Scotland;

- Invest In Renfrewshire; 07483393774


Money Advice


- Illegal Money Lending Unit;

- Fair For You; Supporting People To Put Debt Management Plans In Place,


Domestic Abuse


- Renfrewshire Womens Aid;, 0141 561 7030

- Domestic Violence Helpline; 0808 2000 247

- Dogs Trust Freedom Project; Supporting those fleeing domestic abuse by fostering pets,, 0808 169 4315,






Lochwinnoch Emergency Fund - CLOSED





In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Lochwinnoch Food Committee has been awarded money for an Emergency Fund. 


This is to provide real-time and tangible financial support to those who need it, and cannot access it through other provision. This can be applied to confidentially by anyone who lives in Lochwinnoch. You might require this money to pay a bill, or to fix an appliance, or to purchase an essential item; Whatever your need, we ask that if you’ve explored other options and cannot otherwise cover this cost.


You can apply to us via this link:  

This money belongs to the community and we hope that those who need it will come forward. We are not means testing financial circumstances and are taking each application on trust. We therefore ask that any applications are for the amount of money you need, no more and no less. We will be asked to provide proof of address.


The fund will provide sums up to £250 which would be paid directly to the applicant. Evidence of best value for money should be detailed, particularly for the purchase of specific items and, ideally, a link to the item proposed; for example a washing machine, with a brief justification of the price range selected.


Applicants must live in Lochwinnoch.    Once an application is made it shall be reviewed initially by a single member of the Food Committee who will make a decision. In some cases, an application may be discussed between two members of the Committee. All applications will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


Payment will be made directly in to the applicant's bank account and a member of the Food Committee who handled the application will contact the applicant within a week of approval to check how the money has helped.

Not everyone will be able to see this information, so if YOU know anyone who might need this help, PLEASE tell them about it and help them to make contact.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS - Lochwinnoch Food Committee and Lochwinnoch Cares


Lochwinnoch Cares

Lochwinnoch Cares is a volunteer group which has been set up in response to the current crisis. The aim of this group is to ensure that there is support for all vulnerable households in our community and no-one is left without access to groceries, food or medicine. This group are able to assist you whether you require infrequent help or ongoing support. If you require access to essential items, we can do doorstep delivery. Our network of volunteers will be happy to assist you while adhering to current guidance and strict hygiene. Perhaps you’re struggling with loneliness living in Lockdown and would appreciate a phonecall now and then; Maybe you have a loved one who lives in the village who you’re concerned about; Or maybe you just need help on a one-off basis because you have no transport or you’re in isolation due to illness. Whatever your circumstances, please get in touch if you think we could help you in any way during this difficult time. We would love to hear from you.

Likewise, if you would like to help out on a voluntary basis with deliveries in your immediate area or you would like to make phone calls to those living alone, we would appreciate your help. 



Tel: 07395 959 055

Find us on Facebook: @lochwinnochcares

(Please ensure not to post any personal information about yourself

or anyone else on the Facebook site.)


Community Larder

This project is part of our new Food Committee and works in partnership with Lochwinnoch Cares to ensure that all our community members have access to food and groceries at all times. We have a store of donated dried foods as well as a fresh food fund which can be accessed by anyone who needs it - no questions asked. We can also supply other essential and household items. We know it can be a big step to ask for this help and we can assure you that any contact would be treated with utmost confidentiality. This crisis will affect many people and we anticipate that many who are not previous users of the food banks will potentially now need some help to get through the next period. Maybe the difficulty you’re experiencing is very short term if you’ve been left short between pay dates or you’re waiting for your benefit claim to be processed; This project has been established specifically to help anyone in these situations as well as those who might require ongoing support or who are relying on food banks already. We hope to shortly establish a hardship fund which would broaden the support we can offer. But in order to help anyone, we need to hear from you so please reach out.

We thank all those who have made donations and those who continue to do so. If anyone would like to make a donations of non-perishable food please drop this at 52 Main Street Lochwinnoch. 



Tel: 07517896038

Find us on Facebook: @lochwinnochfoodcommittee

Donation Drop Off: 52 Main Street


Diggin’ It Lochwinnoch

This project is part of Lochwinnoch Food Committee and has been set up to support community members to grow their own vegetables from their own homes. We are actively supporting 32 households to do this, which collectively number over 100 individuals. The aim of the project is to help you cope with the struggles of lockdown through structured outdoor activity with benefits for wellbeing and environment as well as ultimately giving you access to fresh food. These are great tasks fo kids and help to get some change in to your day-to-day lives through the progression of the growing season.

We have been working with Dick Graham and with Studio 27 Productions to bring you these brilliant instructional videos, made here in the village. We are very grateful to Dick and to Studio 27 for their help and expertise which they have given up on a voluntary basis.

The first video is an overview of how to get ready for planting, how to protect your garden from pests and how to make your own plant food:

The second clip is everything you need to know about how to make the most of your potato crop:

These videos are the first of a series and more will be shared on Facebook via the Lochwinnoch Seed and Seedling Swap group. If you are a keen gardener or if you’re just starting to take an interest in growing and gardening, you will find this group helpful. We are coordinating group purchases of compost and swapping of seedlings through this site as well as using it as a help group.

We hope to be able to support the Participants of the project on a continued basis right through the Winter to prepare for the next growing season in 2021. Ideally we would like to include more people in the project when we secure further funding. Our aim is to partner with other community groups in order to roll out educational projects for younger community members too.

If you would like to know more please get in touch. 



Find us on Facebook @lochwinnochseedandseedlingswap

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