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There are some volunteer support  groups active in the village just now.

They all are working to help people in need of support throughout this period of crisis. They need your help and donations to carry on this work.


MAY 20th.

There are currently a number of new community projects working together with established groups to make improvements to community life and support many of us, including the most vulnerable within our village. These activities will soon benefit from having secured funding from two sources; National Lottery Awards for All and the Supporting Communities Fund awarded to us via Linstone Housing Association. This money is being used by the following groups for the activities outlined below. We would like to collectively thank these funders for their contributions to our community.


On behalf of these groups we also thank Lochwinnoch Community Council for their help with funding to-date, for their advice and for assistance in fostering funds from Linstone Housing Association for onward dispersal. Likewise Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust have acted as an umbrella, applying for funding on behalf of the other groups from National Lottery and we thank them for inclusion.


We also thank the Lochwinnoch Chatterbox for their contribution to Diggin’ It and for assistance with printing.

An overview of all current projects in receipt of funding are as follows:


Lochwinnoch Cares


Lochwinnoch Cares is a volunteer group which has been set up in response to the current crisis. The aim of this group is to ensure that there is support for all vulnerable households in our community and that no-one is left without access to groceries, food or medicine. This group are able to assist you whether you require infrequent help or ongoing support. If you require access to essential items, we can do doorstep delivery. Our network of volunteers will be happy to assist you while adhering to current guidance and strict hygiene. Perhaps you’re struggling with loneliness living in Lockdown and would appreciate a phone call now and then; Maybe you have a loved one who lives in the village who you’re concerned about; Or maybe you just need help on a one-off basis because you have no transport or you’re in isolation due to illness. Whatever your circumstances, please get in touch if you think we could help you in any way during this difficult time. We would love to hear from you.


Likewise, if you would like to help out on a voluntary basis with deliveries in your immediate area or you would like to make phone calls to those living alone, we would appreciate your help. 




Tel: 07395 959 055

Find us on Facebook: @lochwinnochcares

(Please ensure not to post any personal information about yourself or anyone else on the Facebook site.)


Community Larder


This project is part of our Food Committee and works in partnership with Lochwinnoch Cares to ensure that all our community members have access to food and groceries at all times. We have a store of donated dried foods as well as a fresh food fund which can be accessed by anyone who needs it - no questions asked. We can also supply other essential and household items. We know it can be a big step to ask for this help and we can assure you that any contact would be treated with total confidentiality. This crisis will affect many people and we anticipate that many who are not previous users of the food banks will potentially now need some help to get through the next period. Maybe the difficulty you’re experiencing is very short term if you’ve been left short between pay dates or you’re waiting for your benefit claim to be processed; This project has been established specifically to help anyone in these situations as well as those who might require ongoing support or who are relying on food banks already. In order to help anyone, we need to hear from you so please reach out. If you would like to claim food parcels on behalf of a friend then this can also be arranged.


We thank all those who have made donations and those who continue to do so. If anyone would like to make a donations of non-perishable food please drop this at 52 Main Street Lochwinnoch. 




Tel: 07517896038

Find us on Facebook: @lochwinnochfoodcommittee

Donation Drop Off: 52 Main Street


Hardship Fund


We will shortly receive funding for this project which can be accessed through either Lochwinnoch Cares or Lochwinnoch Food Committee on either of the contact details above. This money can be made available to any household in need to pay for essential goods or services where otherwise unable to afford it. Perhaps your benefit claim hasn’t come through yet and you need to fix an appliance or your car has broken down and you need to fix it before pay-day. These are the kind of situations we anticipate happening more frequently over the coming months and we would welcome any applications from those who could use this help.


Diggin’ It Lochwinnoch


This project is part of Lochwinnoch Food Committee and has been set up to support community members to grow their own vegetables from their own homes. We are actively supporting many households and are happy to hear from anyone else who is interested. The aim of the project is to help you cope with the struggles of lockdown through structured outdoor activity with benefits for wellbeing and environment as well as ultimately giving you access to fresh food. These are great tasks for kids and help to get some change in to your day-to-day lives through the progression of the growing season.


We have produced a series of instructional videos with the help of Dick and Elma Graham and Studio 27 Productions which can be viewed at or via our Facebook group.


The new funding we have received is going to sustain this project to allow us to continue to help you grow vegetables from your own homes. We are also putting together some projects for outdoor learning for children and some of these activities will be extended through Lochwinnoch Primary School and the local Girls and Boys Brigades.


If you would like to take part in our project and have a go at growing vegetables, you can apply via this link. No previous experience is necessary: 




Find us on Facebook


Community Gardens


Our Community Garden Group continue their brilliant work in the grounds of Lochwinnoch Parish Church. The Group has 28 active members but the work they carry out is of benefit to the whole community; As well as being an educational resource for the local primary school, the group are the local Bloom organisers with numerous planters throughout the village and horticultural input into features such as the War Memorial. The Gardens are also growing vegetables which will be distributed to the community come harvest. They are currently selling bedding and vegetable plants. Please get in touch via Facebook if you would like some. The Gardens will be using their funding for soil and compost.


Find us on Facebook @lochwinnochcommunitygardengroup


Lochwinnoch CDT


The raised beds on Lochhead Ave, our Covid-19 response as detailed in Chatterbox May, have been planted with a variety of vegetables.  There was a challenge from the brief frost a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like we have come through unscathed.  There are 13 beds now, and we have had some generous donations from members and the public, as well as £100 from the Community Council, so many thanks to all.  Now the additional funding means we can plan for the next phase, whether that be additional beds or protection / netting upkeep of existing beds.  Pop down and have a look around (observing social distancing guidelines) or get in touch.  We’ll have more details very soon!



Email us on

Find us on Facebook page @LochwinnochCDT

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